Our classic enamel with a semi-permanent effect, also known as "Gel Cream", has a full-bodied texture that guarantees a covering result with a single pass and the wide and flat brush makes it easy and fast to apply this product.

Our enamels do not contain parabens, allergens, are not tested on animals and, very important to specify, does not contain formaldehyde; it is a product also suitable for children and pregnant women.

Our "Gel Cream" line does not need a base as it does not stain and does not damage the nail bed.

Apply 1/2 coats of color, seal the color taking care not to neglect the tip of the nail and, fundamental part, the final application of our "Gloss", an essential product that will guarantee shine to the color and an average duration on the nails of the hands of a week, (even doing normal home services) and on the feet quietly over 40 days.

We always want to specify to our customers that we do not guarantee the extra shine effect and the average duration of a week if you do not apply the Gloss, also available the Matt and Glitter version

Product Made in Italy

10,8ml format


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