copy of PRIMER

copy of PRIMER

VAT included
  • Accession mediator

  • It evaporates quickly

  • 10 ml

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Adhesion mediator designed to thoroughly cleanse the natural nail by eliminating any oily traces, thus facilitating the adhesion of the products we will use.

It dries in the air in a few seconds and its application is mandatory before applying the base (2) or the base / top (2 + 3) as it optimizes the duration of the treatment.

It should be applied, taking care not to touch the cuticles, by spreading an even and thin layer of product over the entire nail bed.

When the nails take on a dull white color, the nails will be ready to be worked as the product will have completely evaporated.

Content: 10ml - 0.33 fl.oz

The Kargi line for the processing of semi-permanent nail polish also includes

- Pre-cut pads

- Cleaner

- Remover

- Stainless steel accessories for a perfect manicure

- Cuticle Oil



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Ethyl acetate, isoprpylidenediphenyl bisoxyhydroxypropyl methacrylate, hema

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