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Attivatore protezione 24 emulsione sofisticata super abbronzante spinge l’abbronzatura oltre il suo limite naturale in tutta sicurezza per le pelli sensibili e reattive che mal sopportano il sole grazie al fattore di protezione medio/alto.

Accelerator SPF 24

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  • Sophisticated super tan emulsion
  • Push your sun tan beyond its natural limit
  • for sensitive skins that can’t stand sun
  • Medium/High protector factor
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Product Sophisticated super tan emulsion, push your sun tan beyond its natural limit totally safety for sensitive skins that can’t stand sun exposure thanks to its medium/high protector factor.
Properties Studied for amplify at its maximum your tan in the shorter and most uniform way possible. Sun tan last longer in its ideal microclimate. Vitamin E avoids the processes that lead to the free radicals formation.
Active Principles Tyrosine, Riboflavin, Walnut Oil, Carot Oil, Intensifying Poly, Vitamin E, chemical filter, physical filter.
Size 150 ml bottle with dispenser

User Advice:

Apply more than once during your sun exposure.
Expose yourself gradually avoiding the period since 12.00 to 14.00.
Advisable for clear skins and first exposures or phototypes II and I.


Tan pushed beyond its natural limit and fixed for a longer period of time. Redness and irritations avoid.


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