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Activator Serum

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  • Innovative Serum
  • Stimulates natural melanin creation
  • Intense and long lasting golden tan
  • Photo-aging phenomenon is reduced to its minimum
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User Advice:

Apply before UV Lamps on your face and body.
Indicated for already tan skins or IV/V phototype.


Golden tan intensified.
Tan lasts longer.
Photo-aging phenomenon is reduced to its minimum.

Adding Information:

Product: It is an innovative serum that stimulates natural melanin creation obtaining an intense and long lasting golden tan.

Properties: rich of carotenoids that effect on the skin with two inner workings:

  • Thanks to the high percentage of vitamin, especially A, it promotes the cellular turn over.
  • It accelerates tan giving it a magnificent golden shade.

Active Principles: Riboflavin, Carrot oil,  Walnut Oil, Intensifying Poly.

10ml vial.


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