Gel and Acrygel

How many of you have always wanted to be able to do a "do it yourself" reconstruction? in this section you will find all the necessary material with explanations of how to proceed with the realization of a reconstruction, to have an impeccable manicure with professional products made in Italy. There are women who love the classic semi-permanent and others who want more, here my friends you will find 3 types of Gel, in various colors such as the Monophasic Gel for natural nail without the need to make a reconstruction, otherwise the Manufacturer Gel or the Sculptural One for extreme and captivating lengths. In addition, for the most passionate we also equip acrylic powders or for those who want to start our new method where we combine a gel with the world of acrylic, and here is born Acrygel, the revolutionary manufacturer with a formidable seal easy to apply. enter our world and discover today's trends.

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